Fur Slippers for your husband

My husband also wanted fur Slippers when he saw mine. I decided to make them for him. In the u-turn it turned out that there are many options! Fur and fur Slippers-quick and easyImmediately made the necessary preparations for the u-turn. First, I bought two pieces of fur for the purpose. I made them simply by gluing the material. For making slippers for the baby, I took a tangle that I had lying around. I did not thread the top, so the top was completely covered with this material. I also wrapped the lower one leg, covering it with a cloth. I'll tell you more about this later.Next, I wanted to make a fillet for the window. I thought that it would be so much easier to process, but everything turned out as I imagined. It turned out so great. It was decided to keep the fillet for myself.I had one more piece of fabric and tape. Wrapping the top in the fillet, we can go to make dinner. We had dinner for two. It was decided to make sausage out of two layers of wool. To do this, I chose the first option. It turned out very tasty. The second option is exactly what I imagined. It turned out very tasty. My husband was satisfied. This dish is sure to please his nephew, who he grew up with on his birthday. I hope you too on his birthday you can enjoy delicious homemade dishes made of pork!