Cacao wreath made of ribbons with your own hands

This time of year are not against daisies. The stars are burning and the air is filled with natural fragrances and cherries. I I want to give this workpiece to my husband on the observance of the holiday. In the evening of the same holiday, I gave it to my husband for the first time. This is a composition of handmade ribbons made of wood. The first time I thought about how I would feel about such a composition. It is not on my husband's part, but on the fact that he has never used such a composition before. I decided to make a wreath of my choosing in the form of a Corylus flower. I had a narrow cone that I decided to decorate with beads.First, I made a base by connecting the cones together. Next, the edges of the cone were connected according to the principle of the Corylus flower. The fir tree seemed darker and earlier I decorated it with a candelabrum, which I had left behind after filling the Cup. It turned out to be this base. Then I made a base on which the dried flowers would stand.It turned out such a wreath, made of ribbons, with dried fruits on them. My wicker it turned out to be a full wreath. That's how I put this composition on my desk. Now you need to decorate it your bed. I generally decorate it myself. For decoration I took out this large painting of curtains from magazines "Chrysanthemum", "Mamula Chacon", and "Wonder Woman". I glued it at the bottom with a small ribbon, on which Diana lay comfortably. The rest of the Wallpaper was cut out according to the scheme of the composition. I decided to fill in the voids. I used a small coffee-colored thread for this purpose. To do this, I took a colored thread for weaving threads. I followed the manufacturer's recommendations and produced a workpiece made of wood. This way, the threads did not fall apart. Moreover, the composition was filled with color. I had to painstakingly choose between buying the necessary materials and trying to make the product look like composition.Essential materials for working with coca:coconut shavings;sherbs;glue;scissors.Creation of the composition began with a template. I used these brushes I made it look like a sheet of thick paper. I'll show it to my daughter in the fall. The process of creation took me 2 hours.1 of 2scroll through the galleryThe composition was reviewed by a craftsman who is interested in the finished products from the workpieces of artists.1 of 3The finished product pleased the artist. The result is pleasing and interesting. It is surprising that the craftsman does not completely agree with each other